Welcome to Norway-Paris Solid Waste Web-Site.

CLEAR BAGS ONLY for household trash.

We sell clear bags.

The following items can be disposed of at the Transfer Station:

Appliances- $8.00 ( containing Freon or Mercury)

Furniture- $7.00 ( couch, lg. chair, mattress, box spring, vehicle seat) sm. furniture- $4.00

Carpets- $7.00 ( if cut 2’x2′ no charge)

Tires-  16″ and under – $2.00 with rim $4.00

over 16″ – $5.00 with rim $10.00

Heavy Machine _ $25.00

Propane Tanks- 20 lb. $5.00    30-100 lb.- $20.00

Composting- Bring Food Scraps separate containers, drop-off in designated totes. ( Please no plastic bags or packaging).

All Construction and Demolition Material can be disposed of at the Transfer Station. ( FROST HILL IS CLOSED)

All demolition and construction material must be weighed before dumping,

.10  cents pound or $200.00 ton

No charge for brush or leaves.


Please recycle;                Plastic #2 ( laundry, bleach, milk, shampoo, conditioner)

Tin and Aluminum Cans

Newspaper, Magazines and Junk Mail

Cardboard and Non Corrugated Cardboard

Glass Jars

Office/Computer Paper ( shredded paper can be recycled