Welcome to the official website of Norway Paris Solid Waste INC.
Our facility is available to year-round and seasonal residents of Norway and Paris, Maine and is located at 39 Brown St, Norway, Maine 04268.
All household and yard waste, along with construction debris, can be recycled or disposed of at this site.

The Frost Hill site is no longer in use at this time.



This website is here to help you learn how to recycle as
much as possible. We are here to help, please ask
if you have any questions !



Aside from recycling items from your regular household trash,  you may bring the following items to the Transfer Station for recycling and proper disposal.

Universal Waste:
This includes fluorescent bulbs, ballasts, rechargeable batteries, mercury containing items, televisions and computer monitors.

Waste Motor Oil:
Oil must pass a test for contaminants.

Scrap Metals:  Appliances, steel, iron, aluminum, copper or brass. There is a fee charged for disposal of appliances.

Brown Goods:
Furniture, mattresses, and carpets. There is a fee associated with disposal of these items. If carpets are cut into 2ft by 2ft pieces, they can be disposed of in the hopper at no charge.

May be taken whether on or off the rim. There is a fee for disposal of these items.

Demolition debris:   Will be weighed onsite and assessed a charge of 10 cents per pound/ $200.00 per ton. We can accept the following items:

Insulation      All types of wood, painted, stained, chipboard, paneling etc.
Asphalt shingles
Other roofing materials
Sheet rock, Plaster
Tar Paper/Tyvek
Fiberglass fixtures
Plastic lumber/decking
Vinyl siding/paneling
PVC pipe, all colors
PVC gutters, downspout
Glass or Mirror panes
Pressure treated wood
Preservative treated wood Cement block and/or bricks
Cured cement (no metal)
Clay pipe (no asbestos)
Ceramic sinks/toilets – Not cast iron
Ceramic/stone tile                                                                                                                               Windows – Metal or wood frames

In the the Compost Area, we can accept:
Grass and hay, wet or dry                                                                                                         Brush and slash, leaves and garden waste
Limited amounts of sawdust or shavings
Limited amounts of non-pet animal bedding/waste
Norway Paris Solid Waste is not a substitute for proper manure management.


Under Maine Law, NPSW is not allowed to accept material from a burned building, or asbestos containing materials, for disposal. These items must go to a commercial landfill. For more information, call the NPSW office, 743-8518.